Sunday, December 5, 2010

school holiday-ing

hrmmm buwring!
gto NOTHING TO DO  wake up n eat and get on ma comp.
watching oprah or keeping up wif d kardash.

snowing in uk
11 days of christmas can't wait
watching cloudy n a chance of meatballs
kids stuffs not me
urmmm  a month before school starts
dat sucks
loving school but hating homeworks

eating time

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hahhahahah dis iz adviseable

Bad Pickup Lines Generator


Virtual Pet Cat for Myspace

fishy wishy mishy in d dishy

Virtual Pet Fish

2010's memo(mine not urs so blahla)

jan-feb: a month full of skematic
march:ermm  chorus speaking delayed?!?
april:  back  2 chorus speaking(got no.5)
may:starting 2 be my real self
after all its breaking ma neck lol
june:watching the karate kid wif ma buddyz
july: striking!!!yahoo!!!!
august : im going down in ma study
sep:hari raya  (aww missing dis momento)
oct: d end!weirdo usually im damn luvin sul holiday  but now??!?im totally hating school holiday

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my loved ones?

rite now im loving
taio cruz!!!!!!!!!!
he's cool man!
luv his music!


exam-ing men!busy busy bee.hahaha juz answering religion test and it was damn 
i need flash memory! rite now!